What is the Premium Diamond Package?

Premium Diamond is a package created by using Yext to post citations to premium sources. These citations are with companies that are seen as high value to Google.

What makes these citations special?

These citations are only accessible via Yext and include some premium sources such as Apple Maps, Amazon Alexa, TripAdvisor, Snapchat, and Postmates. To access these sources yourself, you would need to be a Yext reseller.  With Localyze you can do this at a fraction of the cost. 

Why do I need them?

They are an extra boost to a business which has had the original set of citations done.  They add the business to a number of premium sources that are not possible to do on your own without significant expense. 

Why not just do them myself?

These are only available via the Yext API and in order to become a Yext API user like we are at Localyze, you would have to spend $999

Why Localyze.io?

Proven Efficency

Trained specialists hand-enter your information rapidly and accurately to get your business into all the directories 

High Quality 

Hand entered citations allow the highest quality listings, and we always provide a report at the end

Total Control

Unlike some services, you have full control of the listing and there's no subscription fees.

Free Audit

We do a free citation audit with every order to ensure that any previously done citations are clean and up to date with the information you give us.

What should I expect after I order?

You will be given access for 25 days to a Yext dashboard where you can make changes to these listings.  Make sure to make changes well before this deadline, as it takes several days to sync.  Watch the video here for more information on the dashboard access: 

Why you guys and not one of your competitors?

We know no other citation company which offers this service.

Which citations are included?

Rank #1 in the Local Map Pack!

 Don't miss out!

This is a unique service that sets Localyze apart and is a no-brainer when compared to the cost it would take to do this yourself.  Don't miss the chance to take every single opportunity to rank your client site as quickly as possible!

Contact us at ilocalyze@gmail.com